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Cultivating interest in Orchids since 1983

The Saskatchewan Orchid Society (SOS) was founded in 1983 as a non-profit organization in Saskatoon, and was the Province's first orchid society. Its founders were interested in the conservation of orchid species both native and non-native to Saskatchewan. Today, we are approximately 60 members strong. At our monthly meetings, members show off blooming plants, discuss orchid culture, and participate in trade & sales. We often welcome international speakers who share their expertise as well as bring interesting orchids for sale. Join us, and learn more about growing orchids in the prairies.


763 genera, 28,000 species, millions of hybrids

Upcoming Meetings

Meetings start at 1:30PM and are typically held on the Saturday prior to the 4th Sunday of each month. Our society takes a brief hiatus during the months of June, July, August, and December. Occasionally, changes to meeting times occur - please check below for details.

September 25 2021: Terry Letendre

Terry will be presenting virtually through zoom; the topic of his presentation will be announced soon. Keep your eyes out for the zoom link in an upcoming email

If you have any questions regarding joining zoom meetings, a guide can be found here. In addition, feel free to contact me at


  • September 25 2021
  • October 23/24 2021
  • November 27 2021
  • January 21 2022
  • February 26 2022
  • March 19 2022
  • April 23 2022
  • May 28 2022


Due to recent surges in the delta variant, our society has decided to continue with virtual meetings for the rest of the calendar year. We will be reevaluating in 2022.


Many orchids can be grown easily in the home, even in the prairies. Come learn how!

Member Updates

August 2021

As the weather cools, we're getting ready for another orchid society season. In spite the tumultous world events, your local orchid society executive continues to plan an exciting 2021-2022 agenda. Stay tuned for upcoming plant orders and meeting details. We are excited about our new email addresses!

As always, I'm available at to answer any questions you might have.
-Calvin Lo, Webmaster


(Members only)
Terry Letendre
Pre-order list:
1. Phrags, catts, oncidiums list
2. Bulbophyllum price list
3. Misc. price list
Order Deadline: September 14th 2021
Pickup date: Estimated delivery - Early October
Other notes: Plants will be sent to Heather and distribution instructions will be forthcoming. Preferred payment is cash. Please specify the size of plant if multiple sizes are available.
Pre-order list: Ecuagenera Catalog Order Deadline: September 12th 2021
Pickup date: Estimated delivery - Early October
Other notes: Prices are in USD, and an additional $3USD will be charged per plant to cover shipping and processing charges. No houseplant orders at this time.
Tropical Garden Orchids
Pre-order list: Catalog Order Deadline: September 20th 2021
Pickup date: Estimated delivery - Early October
Other notes: Prices are in CAD, and a bonus 15% discount is being provided by Calvin Wong. No houseplant orders at this time.
Please send all pre-order requests to Heather and David at:

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Interested in joining us? Membership comes with many perks: access to a library full of orchid books, purchase media and other supplies from our members-only store, participate in exclusive orchid orders to expand your collection, participate in monthly talks with experts, a monthly newsletter, and much more! Click below for our membership forms and join the Saskatchewan Orchid Society today!


Native cypripediums like this are widespread throughout Saskatchewan. However, many other species are endangered due to habitat loss.

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