Membership benefits: Our monthly meetings are a great way to meet other local orchid growers, pick up tips on how to improve your culture, participate in exclusive member orchid sales, excursions, and more! In addition, joining the SOS grants you access to our extensive library of orchid literature as well as our membership store, where you can restock on potting supplies.

How to join: Yearly memberships are $25 per individual, or $30 per family. Membership forms are available at each meeting, or can be printed and brought to any meeting.

Executive 2016-17

President - Bob Lucas
Vice-President - Sherida Gregoire
Past-President - Cal Carter
Secretary - Donna Carlson-O'Keefe
Treasurer - Cheryl Grummett
Social Directors - Shirley Keith & Lori Pozniak
Plant Orders - Heather Anderson & Cheryl Adamson
Resources - Yvtte Lyster & Pat Randall
Librarians - Deb Huculiak & Don Keith
Newsletter - Tracey Thue
COC/AOS Rep - Tom Kondra
Speaker Coordinator - Heather Anderson
Webmaster - Calvin Lo

Member Update

(updated Nov 20th 2017)

Forestview Gardens Pre-order (Deadline January 19th) - Please have pre-orders in to Heather ( or Cheryl (! Click here for the Forestview website and product list.

Saskatchewan Orchid Society, Box 411, SK, Canada S7K 3L3

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