Saskatchewan Native Orchids: Photo collection of Saskatchewan native orchids, taken by Glen Lee

IOSPE: The most comprehensive online encyclopedia of orchid species photos

International Orchid Register: Royal Horticultural Society database search of all registered orchid hybrids

Orchid pollination videos: Coryanthes, Angraecum, Ophrys

Cultural Information

COC cultural notes: Online articles on genera-specific orchid culture in Canada, in both English and French

AOS culture sheets and AOS Seasonal Orchid Care: Articles on general orchid care by the American Orchid Society


Orchid Mall: Centralized network of Canadian and International orchid vendors, as well as sources of supplies. Click here for Canadian vendors

Orchid Societies

Canadian Orchid Congress: Newly updated, packed full of information with details on upcoming orchid events across the country.

American Orchid Society: The primary orchid society and judging organization in North America.

Orchid Species Preservation Foundation: Edmonton based organization dedicated to orchid species conservation

Saskatchewan Orchid Society, Box 411, SK, Canada S7K 3L3

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