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Society Meeting: May 25th 2019
Our May meeting will feature guest speaker Jean Allen-Ikeson from Dundas Ontario, who will be giving a presentation on white cattleyas.

The pre-order list is filled with interesting sarchochilus, cattleyas and several other genera, so please check it out here. Jean will accept cash or cheque but not credit card. Please send pre-orders to Cheryl (orchidcrazycheryl@gmail.com) or Heather (heather.jane.anderson@gmail.com) by Monday May 20th

Past Events

Wild Cypripedium Excursion (June 10th 2017)
by Sarah Thue


here were hundreds in bloom scattered throughout the field. Mainly small groups of 3-5 flowers, some solitary blooms, and a handful of large clusters of plants. We found 2 double flowering specimens as well!

Enjoy the photos!

Muttart Muttart Muttart Muttart

Edmonton OSPF Excursion (August 13-14th 2016)
by Calvin Lo


aking up at 6:00AM on a Saturday morning wasn't exactly my idea of a relaxing Saturday, but when orchids are involved, it's never too early. This morning, myself along with 5 eager SOS orchidist and an altruistic chauffeur piled into a van and set off to Edmonton for an exciting orchid-filled weekend. The itinerary included a visit to the Orchid Species Preservation Foundation (OSPF) greenhouses, as well as a tour of several other orchid facilities and personal collections. Needless to say, plenty of room was left in the trunk for orchids.

After a delicious lunch and brief shopping stop at the Greenland Garden Centre, we arrived at our first stop: The Muttart Conservatory, home of the Orchid Species Preservation Foundation.



espite having visited many wonderful orchid collections, stepping into a greenhouse remains a thrill - the smell of warm humid air, the soft filtered light, and best of all, walls covered with orchids, root tips covered with dew. A few members had never seen an orchid operation of this scale. After recovering from being completely awestruck, we spent the rest of the afternoon discovering species, shopping for divisions, and learning about the unique growing conditions of the three greenhouses. We concluded our activities of the day with a visit to City Hall, where the OSPF had setup a lush educational display, highlighting the many orchid habitats of the world.

Muttart Muttart

Evenings in a new city are fun. While the other members were treated to what was allegedly a legendary barbecue at a local orchidists home overlooking the river valley, I elected to explore Whyte Ave, where the annual Fringe festival was occuring. Having never officially toured Edmonton, I was both surprised and pleased to experience just how vibrant the "Gateway to the North" is. Several beers, a little Sake, and many Japanese tapas later, I was thoroughly exhausted and ready for a good sleep.


he next morning, we were privileged enough to get a tour of the brand new OSPF office and propagation centre. With facilities well equiped for media sterilization, flasking, and mother flask propagation, we're excited to see this centre become a leader in propagation and conservation efforts of native Canadian orchid species.


he ended our orchid excursion at the beautiful country home of Darrell Albert, where we were lucky enough to visit his vast personal collection. We were joined by Sandra Svoboda, editor-in-chief of the Orchid Digest and past vice-president of the American Orchid Society, all the way from Santa Barbara. The afternoon was spent sipping wine and dining on mouth-watering homemade pulled pork sandwiches in the midst of Carol Albert's flourishing garden. It was an excellent finale to the weekend, and the perfect setting to plan our next orchid orchid trip!

(For more information on the OSPF, click here)


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